High Ridge Plaza Redevelopment

Today we’re excited to share that we’ve been working with a developer on a new hotel and retail space in Manchester. The following is a description and base drawings of the redevelopment plan:

High Ridge Plaza RedevelopmentMullaney Hospitality Group (MHG) has executed an agreement to acquire the 5.58 acre parcel of land presently known as High Ridge Plaza from Iron Point II, LLC. MHG is seeking local and state approvals to completely redevelop the property in accordance with the current zoning bylaw and town plan.

The redevelopment plan calls for removing all the existing structures on the site (8 in total) as well as the existing parking areas. Starting with a clean slate, the proposed new development would include a 98 room Hampton Inn & Suites and 3 new two‐story retail buildings –each with a 7,000 SF footprint for a total of 42,000 SF of retail space. In addition to the 4 new buildings, the site will also be improved with all new parking, landscaping, site lighting, walkways, and outdoor sitting areas. The roundabout will be reconfigured to better align the westerly leg with the site.

High Ridge Plaza RedevelopmentThe 3-story hotel will will include an indoor pool, meeting room, executive board room, business center, fitness room, and breakfast room. The hotel exterior will be a departure from the typical Hampton Inn prototype in an effort to retain the Vermont vernacular style that will include a combination of familiar materials to the area – stone, clapboard, and vertical siding. The roof is designed with a combination of gables, shed dormers, and flat roofs. The proposed design includes other common vernacular elements such as wrap around porches, decorative railings at the flat roofs, shutters, and cottage style windows.

The retail buildings are designed to reflect the Vermont vernacular style with a contemporary edge. Each of the three buildings is meant to be distinct from one another – yet relate to each other and to enhance the streetscape.

High Ridge Plaza RedevelopmentThe redevelopment has been master planned to balance the needs of the hotel and the retail uses; pedestrian and vehicular circulation; overall parking; and the requirements of the zoning ordinance. The proposed plan will increase the amount of green space and reduce the amount of paving presently on the site. The amount of building coverage will increase by approximately 8%. A total of 247 parking spaces will be developed on site which is more than the parking regulations after applying allowed credits for rear yard parking.

The proposed retail buildings have the maximum 7000 SF footprint size through the application of the zoning incentives provided under Section 6.8 of the ordinance. A tabulation of the zoning incentives applied is included on the Site Development Plan and shows that each building actually has over 2000 SF more in credits than needed to achieve the maximum footprint size.

High Ridge Plaza RedevelopmentThe proposed hotel is allowed in the GR‐1 and C‐1 zones as a conditional use. There is not restriction on building footprint size in the GR‐1 zone and less than 3000 SF of the hotel is located in the C‐1 zone. As shown on the Site Development Plan, the proposed layout provides more than the 30% required green space within the individual zoning districts and the amount of building coverage in the C‐1 zone is less than the 15% allowed.

  1. Thankful Resident Reply

    This project will be a beautiful revival to a section of Manchester that has been lost to empty storefronts, and an under utilized parking lot. In addition, I personally have family members who have booked nights in Bennington, and Brattleboro due to the lack of familiar accommodations in town. While I can appreciate what small family run motels offer, some people are just more comfortable when they know what they are booking. Especially those who are traveling with young children. Finally, the existing buildings in this area sit empty because they do not meet the needs of interested retail companies. These new buildings should attract new businesses to our community which benefits everyone both local, and visiting.

    • BMA Architects Reply

      Hi there! You really hit the nail on the head here. There are plenty of people who are choosing lodging that is outside of the Manchester area instead of our B&Bs. It only makes sense to offer something that caters to this different type of visitor, and can also support larger groups that the smaller places are unable to accommodate. We’re excited to be a part of the growth that Manchester is experiencing, and thankful for the enthusiasm of people like you!

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